Tabernacle United Church

Progressive Christianity for a change

United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church (USA)

3700 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104 - 215-386-4100 - Worship Sundays at 10 AM

We are called into compassionate community, Following Christ, Advocating for peace,
justice and reconciliation And celebrating God's loving embrace of all creation.

This Sunday, March 29th, is Palm/Passion Sunday. At 9:50am we will gather and begin our service by marching outside with palms and signs for peace. Hosanna! Come God, and deliver us!

2015 Sermons

The sermons linked here in reverse chronological order are a combination of mp3 recordings, transcripts, prepared manuscripts, and multimedia presentations.

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We hope you find them uplifting, enlightening, thought provoking and/or spiritually moving.

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  • Life? (Dwayne Royster, 03/22/2015) mp3
  • Defining Salvation (Chris Purdom, 03/15/2015) mp3 html
  • John 3:16 (Amy Yoder McGloughlin, 03/08/2015) mp3
  • Barbara Rose Johns (Katie Aikins & Jaron Teegan-Case, 02/22/2015) mp3
  • Taking the Form of a Slave (Katie_Aikens, 02/08/2015) mp3
  • 2015_02_01_As_One_With_Authority_Ktie_Aikens (Katie_Aikens, 02/01/2015) mp3
  • Courageous Listening (Rev. Kaitie Aikins, 01/25/2015) mp3
  • Awakening Our Dreams (Susan Teegan, 01/11/2015) mp3

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