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We are called into compassionate community, Following Christ, Advocating for peace,
justice and reconciliation And celebrating God's loving embrace of all creation.

November 2016 Newsletter

Note on Using the Online Newsletter

In the version of the newsletter that is posted online and sent in email, every month you will find links in the articles, and these links are not all created equal.

  • In the Bible Study article there are links to Bible Passages so that you can immediately see what the topic(s) of discussion will be.
  • In many articles, you will be directed to contact the the church office or a member of the congregation. If you click on one of these links your default email program will automatically open up, with the email address for the office (or another peron) in the "To:" field and an appropriate subject line already filled in, allowing you to begin composing an email to exactly the right person with exactly the right subject line. So if you thought that just that person's name appearing in the article (or just the words "the church office") meant you had to go hunting for the email address for that person, hunt no more! Everything is right there for you, with a click of your mouse!
  • Other articles have links to other websites, to the Tab Blog, or to things on the Tab website, like the Mailing List FAQ, which has clear, easy instructions for subscribing to Tab's various email lists. (The FAQ file also has clickable email links--everything is so easy!) Other links allow you to open up the current version of the Rotation schedule, current Pledge and Time & Talent Forms, etc.
So if you were wondering what all of those links in the newsletter were for, now you know!

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Pastor's Notes

Below are important stewardship dates and deadlines. We hope to see you in the weeks ahead! May God's peace and generosity flow freely through our lives this season. ~Pastor Katie

  • Oct. 16 Nov. 13 - Stewardship Season
  • Nov. 6 - Stewardship Sunday - Time and Talent forms and Pledges are due. GO HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR PLEDGE AND TIME & TALENT INFO ONLINE!
  • Nov. 20 - Budget Draft Meeting at 11:45am - All are welcome to ask questions and give input on our budget for 2017.
  • Nov. 29 - Council Meeting to review and approve the budget
  • Nov. 28 - Annual Reports are due to the office
  • Dec. 4 ANNUAL MEETING of the Congregation. All Tab members can vote on the budget for 2017.

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Prison Ministry

Our next Prison Ministry Meeting is December 6, 6:30-8 pm at Tabernacle United Church. Our primary focus is developing friendship and relationships with people in jails and prisons through letter writing and visitation, and collaborating with others to work for an end to mass incarceration. Our group is studying the book A Church of the Second Chance by Jens Soering. We will look at chapter 2 at our next meeting. Consider joining us in this meaningful work! The Prison Ministry is a joint ministry with members of St. James UCC in Havertown. Speak to Pastor Katie for more information.

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Council Corner

There are many exciting things going on in the life of the congregation so Council meetings have been busy lately. This month we reviewed the covenant agreement Katie worked on with Ark of Refuge (a small, LGBTQ-friendly church that lost their former building in a fire). We also discussed the ministry of having a Christmas Day service. If you will be here for Christmas contact Pastor Katie. There was an update on a potential partner for the Prison Ministry, Redemption Housing. And finally we discussed ways that we can welcome and encourage the group of young adults that have started attending Tab regularly. ~Lucinda Megill Legendre

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Service & Bulletin Roles

Date Preacher Prayers Liturgist Children's TimeSunday School A/V Tech Quote
Nov 6 Katie Aikins Deb Burnham Ginny Rice Todd Koser Trudy Kawal Fletcher Chmara-Huff Chris Purdom
Nov 13 TBA Susan Wargo Chris Purdom Pauline Abernathy Lucinda Megill Legendre Fletcher Chmara-Huff Lucinda Megill Legendre
Nov 20 Katie Aikins Barbara Purdom Deb Burnham Katherine Huseman Geneva Butz Fletcher Chmara-Huff Todd Koser
Nov 27 Katie Aikins Heather Bargeron Ken Gritter Katie Aikins Verona Stern Chris Purdom Katherine Huseman

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Supporting Roles

Date Greeters Coffee Hour Counters Recycling Food Transport
Nov 6 Mike Ehling & Lauren Giaconne Jim Gerhard & Genienne Navarro Mike Ehling & Chris Purdom Jim Gerhard Ginny Rice
Nov 13 Andy Lees & Lynn Lees Deb Ahrens & Deb Burnham Andy Lees & Ken Gritter Deb Burnham Barbara Purdom
Nov 20 Nicole Diroff & Lucinda Megill Legendre Ginny Rice & Jim Gerhard Ginny Rice & Sarah Hill Barbara Purdom Jim Gerhard
Nov 27 Geneva Butz & Verona Stern Lucy Miller & Russ Baldwin Russell Baldwin & Ken Gritter Heather Bargeron Verona Stern

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Communion Rotations

Date Officiating Set-up & Serving Clean-up & Serving Picking up Bread +
Nov 6 Katie Aikins & Jean Erb Susan Wargo Ginny Rice Lee Pugh

+ Bread donated by Four Worlds Bakery, 47th & Woodland.; it should be picked up the day before.

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  • November 6 Church Potluck / Exploring Membership Class - Are you interested in becoming a member of Tabernacle United Church? Or even just curious about it? Is membership at Tab like being a member of a gym or a country club or is it (hopefully) different? Join us today to learn about membership at Tab. Come and hear from others who decided to become members and why they made that decision. We will meet in the sanctuary and you are welcome to bring coffee/refreshments from downstairs.
  • November 13 - Sing for Joy! To celebrate the end of the election season, let's sing together around the piano in the sanctuary! Pax will prepare some hymns and you can request your personal favorites from the purple hymnal. Come sing for joy!
  • November 20 - Parenting Conversation, Part 2 Led by Nicole Diroff. We'll gather for continued conversation around these questions: What are we hoping for our children in bringing them to Tab? What are we hoping for ourselves? For the community? What are we doing at home to continue to nurture the spirituality they're developing at church? All are welcome parents of young children, of not-so-young children, and anyone supportive of parents!
  • November 27 - Spiritual Resiliency: Leaning on God during times of crisis Lauren Giaccone will present what it means to be spiritually resilient and how we can develop tools to help ourselves navigate through times of crisis in our own lives and in the lives of others. Lauren is a chaplain at Penn Medicine, serving HUP and Presbyterian. She works with patients with psychiatric needs and previously served as chaplain of the Medical ICU. She also provides coverage as chaplain for the Trauma Center located at Presbyterian.

If you have ideas or suggestions for future sessions or series, please contact Deb Ahrens.

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It's Stewardship Season! Bring Your Offerings to Church!

During stewardship season at Tab, we ask you to consider how you can generously give of your time, talent and resources to our ministry at Tab. Every week through November 13 you are invited to bring your completed Pledge card and your Time and Talent form. And we also invite you to bring clothing for the clothes closet and/or food items for the pantry (in partnership with the Episcopal Cathedral). Bring your gifts to worship this season! Bring your first fruits unto the Lord! We are accepting the following items for our clothes closet:

  • T-shirts, cotton, clean and folded, L and XL, XXL
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts, cotton, clean and folded, L and XL, XXL
  • Warm hats and gloves, no wool
  • Winter jackets, washable, no wool
  • Blankets, clean and folded, no wool

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Advent Event

Advent is coming! This year for Advent we're thinking about the themes of Incarnation and God with us. We're also thinking about enriching worship with home gatherings. If you have ideas for creative worship, seasonal decorating, or anything else to magnify the themes of the season please join us at Tab on Wednesday, November 9 at 6:45 pm. You can email Lucinda Megill Legendre or Pastor Katie.

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Digging Deeper in Bible Study

The Bible study group at Tab will be exploring! Join us on Wednesday nights at 5:30 pm. The November texts are below. Contact Jean Erb with any questions: .

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Food Donations

Don't forget: food donations (NON-PERISHABLE, and with GOOD EXPIRATION DATES) are more needed than ever. Let's bring in something for the food donation basket next to the kitchen door each Sunday and help to keep those pantry shelves stocked! It's so easy to do. Whenever you shop, just buy and put aside a couple of small items for the pantry at the same time; if you drive, just leave them in your car to bring to Tab on Sunday.

Some suggestions: Remember that people who are desperately in need of food may not have great kitchen equipment, so consider items that can be prepared in the microwave OR on the stove. People may not have milk, butter, or vegetable oil, so try to include some items that can be prepared with just tap water. Single-serving portions are nice, so people don't have to refrigerate leftovers. Single-serving foil packs of potatoes or flavored instant rice can often be bought in store brands for about a dollar apiece. You can often find sales on instant oatmeal with eight single-serving packets.

Another thing to remember: Glass can break during transport to the food pantry, so it might be better to avoid glass jars. (We had a very small accident once.) Plastic jars of peanut butter are great, though.

We want to increase our donations to the food pantry, so let's all try to help. With even one or two small items a week from everyone who comes to worship, our weekly contribution to the food pantry will increase considerably. ~Mike Ehling

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Tab Online

Tab's website has info about affinity groups, events, news, a calendar, sermons, and more! Go to the Tab Blog on Livejournal to stay up-to-date on the current worship themes, to download forms and schedules (the rotations schedule, Time & Talent forms, Pledge forms, the choir schedule), or just take advantage of the links to Tabernacle's Cafe Press shop, Artwell, the Christian Association and other groups. If you have any questions about the mailing lists, read the Mailing List FAQ! You can also go to the Tab Facebook page and "Like" us! (And then you can receive updates from Tab in your Facebook Newsfeed.)

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Newsletter Deadline

The December newsletter will be in Tab mailboxes on November 30; send all material for the DECEMBER newsletter to the church office by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21.

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