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We are called into compassionate community, Following Christ, Advocating for peace,
justice and reconciliation And celebrating God's loving embrace of all creation.

October 2016 Newsletter

Note on Using the Online Newsletter

In the version of the newsletter that is posted online and sent in email, every month you will find links in the articles, and these links are not all created equal.

  • In the Bible Study article there are links to Bible Passages so that you can immediately see what the topic(s) of discussion will be.
  • In many articles, you will be directed to contact the the church office or a member of the congregation. If you click on one of these links your default email program will automatically open up, with the email address for the office (or another peron) in the "To:" field and an appropriate subject line already filled in, allowing you to begin composing an email to exactly the right person with exactly the right subject line. So if you thought that just that person's name appearing in the article (or just the words "the church office") meant you had to go hunting for the email address for that person, hunt no more! Everything is right there for you, with a click of your mouse!
  • Other articles have links to other websites, to the Tab Blog, or to things on the Tab website, like the Mailing List FAQ, which has clear, easy instructions for subscribing to Tab's various email lists. (The FAQ file also has clickable email links--everything is so easy!) Other links allow you to open up the current version of the Rotation schedule, current Pledge and Time & Talent Forms, etc.
So if you were wondering what all of those links in the newsletter were for, now you know!

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Workshop Opportunity

The Presbyterian Older Adult Ministry Network is hosting workshops on Empowering Older Adults, October 22, 8:30 am to - 1:00 pm at Wayne Presbyterian Church, 125 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, PA 19087. Registration Fee: $10 (includes continental breakfast). Registration Deadline: October 15. Click HERE to see the brochure.

If you have difficulty with transportation, let me know and we may be able to arrange carpooling. ~Mike Ehling

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Prison Ministry

Our next Prison Ministry Meeting is December 6, 6:30-8:00 pm at Tabernacle United Church. Our primary focus is developing friendship and relationships with people in jails and prisons through letter writing and visitation, and collaborating with others to work for an end to mass incarceration. Our group is studying the book A Church of the Second Chance by Jens Soering. We will look at Chapter 2 at our next meeting. Consider joining us in this meaningful work! The Prison Ministry is a joint ministry with members of St. James UCC in Havertown. Speak to Pastor Katie for more information.

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Pastor's Corner

Stewardship Season is Here! Are You Ready?

Our fall theme at Tabernacle is Cultivating Wholy Habits. We are exploring the seven deadly sins and their corresponding virtues in sermons, Bible study, and beyond! We are asking questions such as "How do we cultivate habits that help us in our journey toward greater love of God, our neighbor and ourselves?" In order to cultivate wholy habits, we must also learn to look at what stands in the way of our ability to love God, neighbor and ourselves. During the season of stewardship we will explore how greed (one of the seven deadly sins) can captivate us and live in our hearts, and we will reflect on how cultivating the practice of generosity can help us fight this heart problem.

We will be asking you in this season to consider what Tab has meant to you and to consider giving generously of your time, your talent and resources to help us BE THE CHURCH at Tab. Would you consider helping teach our kids in the Sunday School program? Or would you be willing to serve on the Communications team or the Outreach team to help plan ways for us to reach out more intentionally to our neighbors? We need your help and your voice with all our teams at Tab. So we ask that you prayerfully fill out the Time and Talent forms that are available to you during the season and consider joining a team in order to help us be and become the church we are called to be. We also need your financial help, and so we also ask that you prayerfully consider making a financial pledge to help us continue our work into 2017.

In love and gratitude for you,

Pastor Katie

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Service & Bulletin Roles

Date Preacher Prayers Liturgist Children's TimeSunday School A/V Tech Quote
Oct 2 Lauren Giaconne Lucinda Megill Legendre Ken Gritter Susan Pierce Geneva Butz Peter Mowen Heather Bargeron
Oct 9 Katie Aikins Mark Rader Meagan McLeod Katrina Culley Trudy K. Fletcher Chmara-Huff Pauline Abernathy
Oct 16 Meagan Mcleod Susann Wargo Susan Wargo Todd Koser Lucinda Megill Legendre Fletcher Chmara-Huff Todd Koser
Oct 23 Katie Aikins Lucinda Megill Legendre Lynn Lees Eloise Chevrier Verona Stern Barbara Purdom Susan Pierce
Oct 30 Susan Wargo Chris Purdom Lauren Giaconne Deb Burnham Nicole Diroff Katrina Culley Sarah Hill

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Supporting Roles

Date Greeters Coffee Hour Counters Recycling Food Transport
Oct 2 Barbara Tilley & Heather Bargeron Katrina & Jessica Culley Jim Gerhard & Donald Wargo Katie Aikins Deb Burnham
Oct 9 Nicole Diroff & Pete Mowen Charlene & Vic Compher Jean Erb & Mike Ehling Lynn Lees Ginny Rice
Oct 16 Sarah Hill & Genienne Navarro Mike Ehling & Jean Erb Pauline Abernathy & Deb Burnham Jim Gerhard Jim Gerhard
Oct 23 Ginny & John Rice Deb Burnham & Ken Gritter Geneva Butz & Megan Gibson Verona Stern Mark Rader
Oct 30 Deb Ahrens & Jim Gerhard Mike Ehling & Chris Purdom Sarah Hill & Angela Kent Geneva Butz Lee Pugh

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Communion Rotations

Date Officiating Set-up & Serving Clean-up & Serving Picking up Bread +
Oct 2 Katie Aikins & Nicole Diroff Jim Gerhard Ken Gritter Mark Rader

+ Bread donated by Four Worlds Bakery, 47th & Woodland.; it should be picked up the day before.

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  • Oct. 2Church Potluck / Exploring Membership Class - Are you interested in becoming a member of Tabernacle United Church? Or just curious about it? Is membership at Tab like being a member of a gym or a country club or is it (hopefully) something different? Join us today to learn about membership at Tab. Come and hear from others who decided to become members and why they made that decision. We will meet in the sanctuary and you are welcome to bring coffee and refreshments with you from downstairs.
  • Oct. 9Genderful: A Reflection - Join us for a time of self-reflection on gender and its role in our lives. This session will provide resources on gender identity and expression and give each of us an opportunity to look inward at our own experience of gender. Through this session, we hope to expand our mind's limits of gender to make space for more colorful, genderful ways of walking in the world. ~led by Patrick Ressler

If you have ideas or suggestions for future sessions or series, please contact Andy Lees.

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Stewardship Dates

Here are the important stewardship dates and deadlines. We hope to see you in the weeks ahead! May God's peace and generosity flow freely through our lives this season. ~Pastor Katie

  • Oct. 16 – Nov. 13 - Stewardship Season
  • Nov. 6 - Stewardship Sunday - Time and Talent forms and Pledges are due.
  • Nov. 20 - Budget Draft Meeting (11:45 am) - All are welcome to ask questions and give input on our budget for 2017.
  • Nov. 29 - Council Meeting – Council will review and approve the budget.
  • Nov. 28 - Annual Report Deadline
  • Dec. 4Annual Congregation Meeting - All Tab members can vote on the budget for 2017.

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Wanted: Tab Song Leaders

Do you like to sing? Are you looking for a low-pressure way to sing and lead with a group? We're looking forward to finding new and creative ways to sing as a congregation.

We're reframing the idea of a TAB Choir to TAB Song Leaders, in hopes that this group can contribute to congregational singing in new and creative ways—allowing us to do more songs in canon, a cappella and with call and response.

If you're interested in joining the group of TAB Song leaders, we will have brief rehearsals on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, to sing and lead in the following Sunday. No prior knowledge is necessary; please join us!

We will rehearse at 7pm at TAB on these dates:

  • October 4 and 18
  • November 1 and 15
  • December 6 and 20

Thank you!

Pax, TAB Minister of Music

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Council Corner

Two members have had to leave Council: Don Wargo, due to conflicts with his teaching schedule, and Katie Day, who attended in her role as Parish Associate, due to her move to Maryland. We will miss their wisdom.

Todd Koser presented the treasurer's report, which showed that our expenses are very close to the budget. The major expense recently is for significant roof repair, which was included in this year's budget. We gave thanks to Geneva Butz, who contributed so much time and grace in providing music since January, and to Todd for his uncountable hours adapting the new record-keeping software.

We discussed making formal arrangements with another congregation, Ark of Refuge, which will be worshipping at Tabernacle on Sunday afternoons for a while because their previous worship location burned down this summer. We also explored ways to welcome the younger people who have been attending recently, such as seeking a balance of spiritual formation and community-building events.

Pastor Katie reported that the website team has hired a designer to redesign our site. The staff has also worked to improve the assignment of tasks, especially for weekly worship. Katie will continue to call for wider participation, especially for coffee hour and greeting. ~Deb Burnham

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Bible Study

The Bible study group at Tab will be exploring the seven deadly sins in their weekly study this fall! Join us on Wednesday nights at 5:30 pm. The October themes and texts are below. Contact Jean Erb with any questions.

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Food Donations

Don't forget: food donations (NON-PERISHABLE, and with GOOD EXPIRATION DATES) are more needed than ever. Let's bring in something for the food donation basket next to the kitchen door each Sunday and help to keep those pantry shelves stocked! It's so easy to do. Whenever you shop, just buy and put aside a couple of small items for the pantry at the same time; if you drive, just leave them in your car to bring to Tab on Sunday.

Some suggestions: Remember that people who are desperately in need of food may not have great kitchen equipment, so consider items that can be prepared in the microwave OR on the stove. People may not have milk, butter, or vegetable oil, so try to include some items that can be prepared with just tap water. Single-serving portions are nice, so people don't have to refrigerate leftovers. Single-serving foil packs of potatoes or flavored instant rice can often be bought in store brands for about a dollar apiece. You can often find sales on instant oatmeal with eight single-serving packets.

Another thing to remember: Glass can break during transport to the food pantry, so it might be better to avoid glass jars. (We had a very small accident once.) Plastic jars of peanut butter are great, though.

We want to increase our donations to the food pantry, so let's all try to help. With even one or two small items a week from everyone who comes to worship, our weekly contribution to the food pantry will increase considerably. ~Mike Ehling

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Tab Online

Tab's website has info about affinity groups, events, news, a calendar, sermons, and more! Go to the Tab Blog on Livejournal to stay up-to-date on the current worship themes, to download forms and schedules (the rotations schedule, Time & Talent forms, Pledge forms, the choir schedule), or just take advantage of the links to Tabernacle's Cafe Press shop, Artwell, the Christian Association and other groups. If you have any questions about the mailing lists, read the Mailing List FAQ! You can also go to the Tab Facebook page and "Like" us! (And then you can receive updates from Tab in your Facebook Newsfeed.)

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Newsletter Deadline

The November newsletter will be in Tab mailboxes on October 31; send all material for the NOVEMBER newsletter to the church office by MONDAY, OCTOBER 24.

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Clothing Closet News

Thanks to everyone for your contributions to the clothing closet, which offers items to those in need who come to our door. Based on our evaluation of what has been most helpful in the last year, we have scaled back to just the most needed items. Here's what we will happily and gratefully accept:

    T-shirts, cotton, clean and folded, L and XL
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts, cotton, clean and folded, L and XL
  • Warm hats and gloves, no wool
  • Winter jackets, washable, no wool

Thank you!

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