What should I wear?

Whatever you want that suits the season. We do not have air conditioning, but in winter the sanctuary can be chilly.

Do I have to give money when I to come to church?

If you wish to put something in the collection plate, you are welcome to do so. You won’t be pressured to give.

Do I need to know anything in advance?

No experience is necessary and all are welcome! The bulletin has the service responses, and there aren’t many instructions. At the end of the service we gather in a circle of prayer, but you can remain seated. We also greet each other during the “passing of the peace.” Check out the worship [insert link to worship page] for more about the service.

What about communion?

Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month and is open to anyone who would like to participate. We use grape juice instead of wine. We have gluten free crackers if that is needed.

Do I have to join after visiting a few times?

No. Some who have been active at Tab for years are friends of the congregation, but have never formally joined. On any given Sunday, you will meet other visitors, friends and members. We hold introductory sessions during the year after church for those who want to learn more.

What’s a friend of the congregation?

Somebody who comes regularly, is an intentional part of the community and is listed in the directory, but hasn’t joined formally.

So what’s the point in joining?

For many, joining is a way of signaling their commitment to Tab to themselves and others. Members vote at the annual meeting where the budget is decided and the church Council is elected, and only members can be elected to the Council. For more information on how the church is run, click here.

Does it cost to join?

No, but members usually pledge to give a weekly, monthly, or annual donation. How much they pledge is up to them. Many friends of the congregation pledge also.

What do I have to believe?

We welcome people who are curious, thinking about, or are on a faith journey. Your intention is more important than your belief system. People attending Tab have a fairly wide range of beliefs: some of us are still figuring out what we believe, and some of our beliefs have changed over time. Tab members and most friends are comfortable identifying themselves as Christians or Progressive Christians.

What is Progressive Christianity?

That depends on whom you ask. There are a number of Theologies (understandings of God) and Christologies (understandings of Christ) that are typically associated with Progressive Christianity, but we don’t require or adhere to one of them. We offer opportunities in worship, education, and mission, to develop your own faith, and to apply your beliefs.

What about my kids?

Your kids are welcome too. We have nursery facilities for children up to five years of age, and Sunday school halfway through the service for older kids. All ages are welcome to stay for the whole service if they want.

Will I really feel comfortable, even if I’m different and have never been to a church before?

Yes. We’re all kinds of different folks, coming from all sorts of religious backgrounds or none at all. All are truly welcome.

How long is the Sunday worship?

It starts at 10 and ends between 11 and 11:30.

OK. I’m coming. How do I get there?

Click here for directions.

Have a different question? Feel free to contact us at tabernacle@tabunited.org.